Produktupdate WERKBLiQ

Productupdate 01/2020 (EN)

New snap notifications for objects:

We start the year 2020 with a completely new feature in Object management. As an extended function you can now create and process work orders for objects in addition to machine orders – whether roller shutters, fire extinguishers, ladders, cranes or measuring equipment. Quickly create work orders for inspections or general to-do‘s.

1. Create a new object order:

Simply click on “Object orders” in the “Object management” menu. As usual, you can now create an order by using the “+ New order” button on the right side at the top. Select the desired object by using the dropdown.

Then assign the order type, title and a description. In addition, the urgency can now be prioritized. Now photos or videos can be added as file attachments as well as interactive task lists. Before sending the order, you can select a responsible technician or a team before scheduling the order.

2. View and process project orders

The overview of all orders is transparent and structured for you and your colleagues. You can switch between the individual areas using the tabs in the header. Here you can see at a glance the different statuses of the individual orders and which order was assigned to an employee. Furthermore, we provide you with a variety of filter options in the header which you can filter according to the object orders. The various icons behind each order can be used to view, edit, discard, reject, schedule and complete the Object order.

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Produktupdate 01/2020 (DE)
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