Productupdate 03/2020 (EN)

For the start of spring, we are carrying out an update on the WERKBLiQ platform. With this update we simplify the creation of machines and users. Convince yourself of the new features.

We have prepared the following topics for you: 

  • New creating mode for your machines
  • New detailed view for your machines
  • New editing mode for your users
  • Nine additional languages

New creating mode for your machines

Create a new machine in no time at all? No problem! From now on you will be able to create a manufacturer or a machine group directly at the machine installation. This saves you the tour via the selection lists, where you used to make the entry.

How can missing machine details be added, parameter tiles be activated or the machine status be completed? Exactly – right at the machine! All details can be entered directly on the machine in edit mode. This also saves you the tour via the Generators & templates and System administration modules.

New detailed view for your machines

With the newly designed detailed view you can see all relevant actions on your machine at a glance. Using the new tab structure, you can view, schedule or directly process ad hoc maintenance or internal orders in addition to your documents, diary entries and machine details.

New editing mode for your users

Under System administration and Users, simply select a user via the editing icon. Now you are provided with an overview of the responsibilities, a role or the team assignment at a glance and are free to adjust them to the respective user without having to switch to system administration.

Nine additional languages

“Onderhoud” – that was Dutch for maintenance! With increasing internationalisation, WERKBLiQ is expanding its language portfolio by nine additional official European languages. Of course the DMG MORI customer portal “my DMG MORI” also supports these languages. WERKBLiQ is now available in 18 languages:

  • German, English, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Czech, Spanish, French and Russian
  • NEW: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Swedish

Further improvements:

  • In future the hyperlink from your notification mail will lead you directly to the internal order or to the diary, respectively.
  • As of now, the business analysis is expanded by a tile view. After selecting the tile, the respective report opens. This report can be displayed in 18 different languages.
  • The wording of the business analysis has been improved. The reports “Order & service management” and “Order & service management /Maintenance / Logs & parameters / Logbook” can now be found under the reports “Internal orders” and “Reports”.
  • New selection lists can be created in the respective language.
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