Productupdate 08/2020 (EN)

It’s summer time! Sunny weather and high temperatures didn’t stop us from fine-tuning WERKBLiQ by creating new and simplified features. As usual, check out our blog for all updates.

“Keep calm and check out the new features”.   🌴 🎥  

Express-function ⏩  

Could you spare a few minutes? As of today with WERKBLiQ you may say: “Yes, of course, what is at issue?” The creation of a new machine, a sudden incident in the production or of a new colleague – from now on you may display all this via the new   ➕ in the header as a quick access.

News from object management   🆕

There are exactly six colleagues in your company, who are in charge of objects? You and your colleague are only responsible for a mere fraction of this and now you only want to see the relevant objects? No worries – as of now there is the favourites function, which you already know from the machine overview. This allows you to see a customized overview with content, which is really important for you.

The sooner you finish, the better! Your boss from the maintenance tells you to generate an object entry for 20 stepladders from the area “production C”. You must also write an order for greasing the pulleys of the company’s seven gantry cranes. In the past this equated 27 individual actions for you – today we are only talking about 2! In an instant you can set entries and identically structured object orders via the mass processing function. Sounds simple – and it is!

Further improvements:

  1. Now simply determine standardized settings for actions in the participant data in the area ”settings“. This ranges from automatic “place order on planned” via “with/without approval” for internal orders up to standardized “read confirmation” for staff information and information tile.

2. While creating an order in the logbook, the order number will be added from now on. You can filter the entries sorted by order number and the detailed view of the entry allows you to see the order and the service-report.

3. Apart from the above mentioned topics we are basically providing you with further improvements in the areas of usability, performance and security at every release

The WERKBLiQ team wishes you fun exploring all new features!!

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