Produktupdate WERKBLiQ

Product update December 2019

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end, but with the functions of WERKBLiQ it goes on. Enclosed you will find a summary of the new features which will be available to all users from 05.12.2019:

New electronic signature function

Simply select the type “Signature” in the template administration and add it as usual to the tiles in the diary, the internal orders or the maintenance dates. Now your colleagues can confirm the activities carried out simply and legally, by drawing your signature either with the mouse or with your hand on the tablet.

Optimization of notifications

In order to provide you and your colleagues with a transparent and structured overview of the e-mail triggers, we have developed a new view of the notifications for you. The different tabs in the header allow you to switch between the individual areas. Here you can see at a glance when which employee receives which notification via which channel. Aprospo, you can now configure a notification for an entire team. Whether by e-mail, SMS or via the personal WERKBLiQ mailbox.

Multiple selection of filters

All kinds of filters now have a multiple selection function. This allows you for example a clear comparison of the machine history of several machines at once. Simply open the dropdown field of the respective filter, select the respective entries via the checkboxes and you will get the desired result.

New scheduling function in the middle of the planning board

You have scheduled an internal repair on one of your machines for tomorrow at 09:00. This will probably be postponed until next week. In the past, in this case you would have had to scroll far out and pull the order bar in the planning board to the right. Now you can click effortlessly and comfortably by right-clicking on the order bar on “Schedule order” and enter the desired new date.


We will also be happy to present all new features to you in one of our webinars in a 10-minute live demonstration. Register here

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