WERKBLiQ Product Update 06.2020 (EN)

Despite the difficult circumstances from Corona pandemic in recent months, in June we will still provide you with new features, that make your daily work on the WERKBLiQ platform easier. We would be pleased, if you can spare a couple of minutes to explore these new enhancements.

“Keep your HEADer up”

The header reflects a new image – from now on you may configure your personal data at the top right in the header. A quicker accessibility of your colleague`s message, your own address book and of course your own profile settings is guaranteed without having to change the navigation bar.

“All in ONE Click”

Weary of individually selecting from 20 objects? No problem – WERKBLiQ now offers the so-called “multiple selection“ for objects. First, filter your master data by your objects. After that, you can either deactivate or delete your selection in just one single process via the new feature “bulk update“.

You are supposed to edit several object orders within the object management and have been handling it so far one by one? Avoid double work flows by choosing the “multiple selection“ for planning, rejecting and deleting.

Further improvements:

  • If a new internal order is set up in future, a contact person will be automatically assigned. The contact person of the order always equals the creator. Via the button “Change contact person“ an alternative colleague can be entered instead, for example, when you place an order for a colleague.

  • We managed to design the administration of notifications behind the message tile more intuitive in its operation – following the module “notifications“. The group of recepients of the message to be sent is now freely configurable.

  • The delivery of an overview of pending or overdue maintenances via e-mail, sms and mailbox, can now not only be set up flexibly in terms of timing, but is also precisely controllable towards the direction of the recipients.  

  • Safety first! To ensure that your sensitive data are sufficiently protected in the cloud in the future, again we are taking the opportunity of this release to invest in the continuous expansion of our high safety standards.

We hope you enjoy the new features, stay healthy!

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WERKBLiQ-Produktupdate 06.2020 (DE)
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